Support Groups

– We are all here for you.

Group Rules

Non-binary Group – Mondays @ 6:30 pm

Non-binary Group is open to individuals who identify outside of a strict binary and anyone who is questioning their own identity. We will be meeting under a peer-led, open discussion format every Monday night from 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm, with a brief break around 7:30pm. Supportive family and friends are welcome to attend on the last Monday of each month.

Transitions Support Group – Tuesdays @ 6:30 pm

This meeting is typically for transgender/transsexual people, friends and family, who are in transition and are dealing with the issues associated with their ongoing transition and needing help and support. This meeting is open to anyone going through transition, F2M or M2F or any gender variant person who is going through a transition.

Significant Others, Family, Friends and Allies (SOFFA) Support Group – 1st and 3rd Wednesday @ 6:30 pm

This is a Significant Other, Family, Friends, and Allies (or S.O.F.F.A.) group, while no trans* identified folks will be turned away we ask for them to choose one of our other support groups so those who need to talk freely will feel comfortable. Please share with your SOFFA’s so we can help their journey be as wonderful as yours.

Intersex Support Group – 4th Wednesday of each month @ 6:30 (Starts September 28th)

The Intersex Support Group is a monthly forum to provide peer support for those with Intersex (also referred to as DSD (Differences of S** Development)) conditions. These meetings will be a safe place to confidentially discuss the unique challenges and experiences of intersex people with people who can truly understand and relate.

Young Adult group – Every Thursday 6:00 pm

This group is for trans* and gender variant individuals under the age of 30.  The goal of this group is to be a safe and open space for people to share and process any and all parts of their transition experience with peers. Drop in on this group is you want to work though and develop your personal goals, skills building,  anxiety management, and create healthy social connections.

Crossdressers Support Group – 2nd Friday @ 6:30 pm

This meeting is typically for those who cross-dress and are in need of support and information. They often go out after the meeting and we have facilities to change on site if you need to. Sometimes the Mile-Hi Transgendered Meet-up group meets in conjunction with our group.

Teen Support Group – Saturdays 1-3

For Teens of High School age only.  This group is about building community for our teens who often have no where else to find those of like mind.

Open Social Support Group – Saturday @ 6:30 PM

This meeting has an open format. It is for those who are beginning transition, in the process of transition, fully transitioned, family and friends with questions, cross-dressers, all gender variant folks who want a more relaxed social atmosphere. This group is informal for the most part and does not conform to traditional support group protocol, however we do strictly follow the meetings rules. Confidentiality is paramount. We sometimes go out and do things after the meeting, usually to get something to eat at Breakfast King. Good, safe environment for presenting in public with a group who supports you.

Trans-Masculinity Support Group – 1st and 3rd Sundays @ 6:30 PM

Come to the meeting and support your fellow man and learn more about your transition. This group is open to Transmen and their significant others.  Each meeting has a social focus and begins with a pot luck dinner.


Crafts & Laughs Social Group – On Hiatus

Come and join us for a fun evening of arts and crafts projects! Bring your own art supplies if you have them or simply come and participate in drawing, painting, knitting, coloring, and other fun crafts. This is a casual group where you can have some fun and meet others who enjoy being creative!

TransParent Group – On Hiatus

We have a group for trans*parents.  This group is for people who identify as gender variant and have school-aged children.  Children and significant others are encouraged to attend.

Other Local Area Support Groups