Trans* In Prison

The Gender Identity Center of Colorado’s T.I.P Journal is published as a show of support for those who are currently incarcerated and often affected by abuse within the prison system. “The T.I.P Journal” which is hand folded, labeled, stamped and mailed to over 600 prisoners every quarter. The Newsletter which was first known as ‘Transgendered Residing in Prisons’ later changed to ‘Trans in Prison’ then to the current name of; Transgenders in Prison Journal’ was first began by Jessie Shafer after receiving so many letters from those within the prison system. The first issue was published in 2000. This Journal is free to all prisoners who request it. Because of the finances of publishing and mailing of this very costly project, we very much welcome any and all financial help. To access historic editions of the T.I.P Journal, email us.

To learn more about how to protect the basic human rights of all detainees check out Just Detention

Just Detention International works to protect the basic human rights of all detainees, in the U.S. and internationally. When the government takes away someone’s freedom, it has a responsibility to protect that person’s safety. All inmates have the right be treated with dignity. No matter what crime someone has committed, sexual violence must never be part of the penalty. For more facts about rape in prison visit