The Gender Identity Center offers low cost counseling services for gender variant individuals, couples, and loved ones. Our counselors are pro bono therapists and clinical interns from local universities who are professionally trained to help you in your transition. Counselors can assist you in your personal journey of gender exploration and discovery by working with you to accomplish your goals for counseling, providing emotional support, and by serving as advocates within the community.

Letters for GCS, FFS, and CSHT are available after assessment and consultation with your counselor. Because the WPATH Standards of Care no longer require letters for hormone therapy from a qualified therapist, our staff maintains a viewpoint that our role is to help clients manage the social and emotional concerns that arise during the transition process, and therefore letters are provided with some discretion. If you feel unsatisfied with the pace of therapeutic services, we can provide you with referral to qualified physicians that use an “informed consent” model of practice, as opposed to those who require recommendation letters. We aim to establish collaborative care, providing therapeutic support and advocacy while not claiming to act from medical expertise.

The first step to begin counseling is picking up the phone! We will happily schedule an intake session with you. When you come in for your session, you will be greeted by a counselor and escorted into the counseling room. The first session, called the “intake,” will allow us to get a picture of your needs and gain information about your current situation so that we can then match you with the most appropriate clinician. We will gather a variety of information at this time, such as your work and housing situation or social supports. Your intake clinician may not be your permanent counselor. Counselors and clients are matched based on the client’s needs and availability. Several of our counselors are trans and nonbinary as well! We are open seven days a week, but do not offer 24 hour services, on-call therapists, or emergency services through the Gender Identity Center.

The cost of services is $35 for the first intake session, and $25 per additional session. However, sliding scale negotiation is available for clients who are unable to afford full cost services at this time. We accept and are Medicaid approved.

If you are interested in starting counseling at the Gender Identity Center of Colorado, please give us a call at 303-202-6466! Oftentimes the hardest step of beginning the therapeutic process is walking through the door. We are eager to welcome you inside in order to assist and support you through this exciting journey!

Pet Assisted Therapy Program

Our new animal assisted therapy program is designed to make the Gender Identity Center more welcoming to visitors along with providing therapeutic benefits to our clients. The program will take place on Fridays from 9am-3pm. Our therapy dog Mickey (see listing under Interns and Therapists) will be present in the common room when not working a session. Animal assisted therapy has research proven benefits including improved social skills (such as building relationships) and mental health benefits (including relief from depression and anxiety). For more information, check out Audrey Fine’s articles, or Cynthia Chandler’s book on AAT in counseling.

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