The Gender Identity Center Code of Conduct


Without specific permission from the person into which it applies, anyone involved shall not:
Reveal the identity, transgendered status, or interest in transgendered issues of any member or guest. Reveal any information about another person’s association with other members or guests of the Gender Identity Center (GIC). Reveal any information about another person’s interest or involvement with other transgender organizations.
Openly indicate in public any familiarity with a person recognized from association with the GIC. The above rules also apply to any type of correspondence, written or verbal.

Personal Information

No one is required to convey any information about themselves. Anyone can reveal as little or as much as they choose.


The GIC is a safe environment in which crossdressing is always embraced, but never required.


Any form of disrespect towards others in the group will not be tolerated. This includes aggressive, abusive, or offensive actions, regardless of what anyone else may do or say. Interrupting or distracting from another person while they are speaking is also unacceptable.


Keep your cell phones or pagers set to silent or vibrate. If you must take a call, please quietly excuse yourself to take the call outside.

Sexual Harassment

While on the GIC premises sexual advances or activities of any sort, by members or guests, will not be tolerated. Sexual harassment or sexually explicit language whether directed at a guest, friend or staff member, regardless of intent, will not be tolerated.


Profane language of any sort from anyone is discouraged and excessive profanity is not tolerated. This standard will evolve based on those present; if anyone in the group takes offense, it will be considered excessive.


Anyone who comes to the GIC under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs will be asked to leave immediately. Alcohol and illegal drugs are never allowed on GIC premises.


Failure to observe these rules can result in your being asked to leave immediately and/or having your membership revoked by the Gender Identity Center’s Board of Directors. Whether or not the violation is sufficiently serious for immediate dismissal of the offending party will be at the discretion of the Group Leader. Authority to make that judgment and to act on that basis is derived from the Board of Directors. Group Leaders also have the authority to cause the offender to be removed by local police should the offender refuse to leave voluntarily.


During meetings, any complaints about a violation of the rules should first be brought to the attention of the Group Leader, particularly if immediate action is required. Otherwise, it can be filed with any available Officer or Board Member, who will refer it to the Board of Directors for review at the next Board Meeting. In the meantime, the Officer, Board Member or Group Leader with whom the complaint has been filed also has the authority to suspend the privileges of the person charged in the complaint. Any formal complaints, as well as any resulting loss of privileges, will be reviewed by the Board of Directors. The complainant and the respondent will be given the opportunity to present their case at that time. Once the evidence has been reviewed by the Board, the resulting decision will be final.