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The GIC provides support to those who are, or think they may be, transgender or gender non-conforming and the significant others (wives/husbands, boy/girlfriends, or family members) of a transgender person. As such, the GIC sustains a unique position in Denver’s LGBTQIA+ community. As one of the few organizations which provide social support and clinical services specific to the transgender/non-binary/genderfluid communities, the GIC has been a critical entity within the Denver and greater Colorado community. There is critical need for trans-competent mental health services, social gatherings, and targeted advocacy and the GIC has met that need proudly. However, as explained on our main page, we currently find ourselves in need of income to keep the doors open and stage a comeback. If you are able to help, either by making a donation or by sharing our request with your Facebook friends, please clink the link below. We and our future clients will be forever thankful.

We have:

1. A history spanning over four decades of service to the community including providing low to no-cost clinical therapy for thousands of individuals;
2. A spacious, beautiful Denver location with untapped potential for meeting spaces, events, counseling services, health initiatives, and more;
3. A dedicated group of Board of Directors, Board of Trustees, and community volunteers all of whom have the energy to propel the GIC forward; and
4. Strong connections with local graduate schools of social work and professional psychology in order to host a vibrant clinical internship program.

We are open to multiple strategic partnerships, from simple information sharing to long-term partnership with a Medicaid-approved behavioral health. The GIC needs financial and systemic support both short and long term in order to weather the current storm and continue providing essential services.

Q: How did the GIC get in such a tough spot financially?
A: In 2017, the GIC moved into a new facility which greatly improved our ability to provide confidential counseling services. However, the monthly rent runs right at $6,000/month. We were able to cover this rent plus our monthly operating expenses using billing income. However, in May 2018, our Executive Director/Clinical Director resigned due to health reasons and we lost clinical supervision ability, meaning we could not see clients and our income stream quickly dried up. To make matters more difficult, our former executive director/clinical director only drew a minimum income and so we are in a place of not only seeking a new clinical director, but also changing our budget in light of hiring a full time director.

Q: What’s the plan for the future?
A: We are conducting a nationwide search for a new clinical director and hope to have someone hired by August. However, because it will take a few months to generate a new Medicaid contract, submit bills, and receive income, we need a buffer until that occurs. We have historically not relied on substantial donors to cover expenses, but we are cultivating relationships with both individual and organizational donors. We are working on obtaining grants as well, but none are able to be disbursed quickly enough to impact our near-term operations.

Finally, if for whatever reason, the GIC is not able to meet our financial goals through donations and/or a strategic partnership and must close, all excess funds will be given to other nonprofits per our Bylaws.

You can visit the GIC’s website at or our Facebook page at

Thank you for your support!

Emma Shinn • July 13, 2018