Devin Aragon (she, her, hers) is currently pursuing a Master’s of Social Work at Metropolitan University of Denver. She holds a Bachelor’s of Social Work from Metropolitan State University of Denver with a concentration in Child and Adolescent Mental Health. She currently works as a clinical case manager at Children’s Hospital and as a mental health counselor at an adolescent treatment facility. She is passionate about working alongside marginalized communities and promoting wellness, social justice, and equity across the gender spectrum. She strongly believes in the GIC’s mission and is excited to be working with such an incredible organization. In her free time, she can be found reading, laughing, and dancing her way through life.

Ghoncheh Azadeh (she/her/hers) is originally from Northern California and recently moved to Denver. She graduated from the University of Oregon with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology & Philosophy with honors. She has a long work history working with kiddos and currently works as a Registered Behavioral Technician (RBT) working with individuals to meet personalized behavioral goals who are on the autism spectrum. She plans on attending graduate school in either philosophy or psychology (or both!) to pursue a PhD and eventually teach or work in community settings with and for individuals in underrepresented communities. In her free time she loves playing soccer, hiking / backpacking, and loving her cat baby, Reza.

Danielle Bopp (she, her, hers) is currently pursuing a Bachelors degree in Human Services with a concentration in Mental Health Counseling at Metropolitan State University of Denver. She has big plans of going to grad school immediately after the completion of her undergraduate degree and eventually wants to become a certified sex therapist with specialties in alternative lifestyles and alternative relationships. She is originally from New York City and has retained her east coast attitude (in a good way!) In her spare time she enjoys playing the ukulele, spending time in the mountains, going to car shows with her partner, and traveling. She has happily been an intern at the GIC since June of 2015 and plans on sticking around for years to come.

Anne Bowen (she, her, hers) is currently pursuing her Bachelors in Ecology & Biodiversity and Psychology at the University of Denver. She plans on attending graduate school for either evolutionary biology or psychology. She has experience working with women living in transitional housing and children enrolled in violence intervention. Anne is passionate about directly helping individuals as well as advocating for social justice. In her spare time, she enjoys whitewater kayaking, rock climbing, and petting her friends’ dogs. She is overjoyed and honored to be a part of the GIC community.

Sarah Carr (she, her, hers) is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in social work at University of Denver. She earned her Bachelor’s degree at Clark University in Worcester, Massachusetts, majoring in psychology with a concentration in gender and sexuality studies. Sarah spent the last five years working with children and families as a therapeutic mentor and paraprofessional support for in-home therapy. She especially enjoys working with the LGBTQIA population, and has been passionate about working with the trans community since her undergraduate career. Originally from Massachusetts, Sarah is excited about her recent move to Denver and is looking forward to exploring. In her free time, she enjoys reading, going to concerts, and hanging out with her cat.

Mattie Clos (she/her/hers) is currently pursuing a Master’s Degree in Clinical Social Work at Metropolitan State University of Denver. She completed her undergraduate degree in Psychology with a Minor in Classics from the University of Colorado at Boulder. She is a Registered Psychotherapist and CAC I in the state of Colorado. Her past experience has been in addiction counseling and victim advocacy. Mattie’s passions include queer studies, social justice, and community education. In her free time, Mattie enjoys video games, board games, and chilling with her two pugs.

Megan Dini (she, her, hers) is currently working towards her Master’s in Child, Family, and School Psychology at the University of Denver. She holds a BA in Psychology and a minor in Literature from Purdue University, and has been heavily involved in research surrounding childhood development. She will earn her Master’s at the end of Summer 2018, and has plans to continue on to receive her doctorate in CFSP with a clinical emphasis surrounding marginalized youth populations. She is an advocate for the mental well-being of children in the school system, especially LGBTQ+ youth, and is very excited to be at the GIC! In her free time she enjoys hiking, yoga, and drinking coffee.

Trevor DuBois (he, him, his) is currently pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Regis University. He plans on attending University of Colorado Denver for graduate school to receive a Master’s in Counseling. One day he dreams of opening his own private practice. He is passionate about LGBTQIA+ issues and plans on concentrating his practice with this population. His goal is to provide a safe space where everyone feels welcome and accepted for who they are. In his free time he likes running, eating, yoga-ing, and singing.


Emily Graham (she, her, hers) is pursuing her Masters in Social Work at University of Denver. She received her Bachelors in Psychology with a Certificate in Behavioral Neuroscience from University of Colorado Boulder. Emily has worked with the Body Project in an effort to prevent eating disorders in young adults and has worked with adults with eating disorders in at the inpatient level of care. She believes strongly in giving a voice to marginalized groups and helping those in the greatest need. Emily is ecstatic to work for Gender Identity Center and feels lucky to have the opportunity to serve this community. In her spare time, Emily enjoys photography, music, and catching up on superhero shows with her two very fluffy cats.

Dani Hamilton (she, her, hers)  is currently pursuing her doctorate in clinical psychology and emphasizing in military and health psychology at the University of Denver. She is a U.S. Naval Officer and has also received a Masters in general psychology from Drexel University. Dani has worked with clients of all ages and orientations in a variety of settings, including a maximum security prison, hospitals, pretrial and re-entry facilities, and community mental health clinics. She is dedicated to serving members of traditionally marginalized populations and is passionate about her clinical work and de-stigmatizing mental health services. Dani is thrilled to be working at the GIC, and plans to focus her practice on post traumatic growth and resilience from an integrative perspective while encouraging whole-person wellness. Her goal is to help others feel they are in a safe place, not only in their body but also in their community. In her free time, Dani enjoys playing D&D and catching up on sci-fi while snuggling her giant therapy dog-in-training, Chewie, and her fluffy cat, Pan.

Maura Huebl (she, her, hers) was born and currently lives in Northwest Denver. She has a BA in Photography, a Masters of Education in Secondary Language Arts Curriculum and Instruction, and she is also completing a Masters degree in Counseling Psychology at the University of Colorado Denver. Maura taught language arts and social/emotional classes in Adams 12 and Denver Public alternative high schools for 10 years. While working with teens marginalized by the public education system, she observed that people become more empowered as they grow confident in their own identities. In light of this experience, Maura wanted to put her passion for holistic healing to work by helping individuals in their pursuit of creating a stronger Self. She is passionate about social justice and understanding how the intersections of ethnicity, nationality, gender identity, sexual orientation, indigenous heritage, religion, socioeconomic status, age, and physical abilities can all contribute to a person’s social identity. In her free time you can find Maura connecting with loved ones, seeking ritual balance with nature, admiring street art, or relaxing with her nose in a beautiful work of fiction.

Bridget Kromrey (she, her, hers) is pursuing her doctoral degree in clinical psychology from the University of Denver after graduating with her Masters degree in International Disaster Psychology from the University of Denver this past June where she specialized in global mental health, cross-cultural counseling, and trauma counseling. Bridget has worked in a wide variety of settings including a county jail, a nature based therapy program, an inpatient treatment center for Eating Disorders, student clinics, community mental health centers, and a non-governmental organization in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Bridget has a passion for reducing stigma related to mental health and promoting whole person wellness for all individuals. Bridget is honored to be working with individuals and their family and friends at The Gender Identity Center and is committed to her social justice values around equality for all those who find themselves on the gender and sexual spectrum. In her spare time, Bridget enjoys singing, cooking, hiking, speaking Italian, and traveling.

Noel Lebsack (he, him, his) is currently working on his Bachelors Degree in Social Work at Metropolitan State University. He is a Registered Psychotherapist, CAC I and CAC II in the state of Colorado. He is also working on his CAC III Certification. His work experience is focused in the addiction counseling field and he is excited to bring his knowledge to the Gender Identity Center. Noel is passionate about whole-person wellness that incorporates the environmental, physical, emotional, intellectual, social and spiritual aspects of a person’s life. His free time is spent doing CrossFit and relaxing at home.


Jessie Read (they/them/their or he/him/his) is queer, trans, and southern-born. They are a graduate student of Clinical Mental Health Counseling with a Social Justice Emphasis through Prescott College. Outside of the GIC, Jessie specializes in working with kids ages two to six diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder and has been doing that work for about five years. Jessie has a passion for helping folks identify, navigate, and experience healing when facing oppression. His graduate school work and role as an educator, advocate, and activist focus on gender variance, ASD, race, and anti-oppressive practices that account for all of the above and more. Jessie absolutely loves hiking, camping, and drag.

Whit Ryan (he, him, his) was born in Denver, Colorado, and grew up in Cleveland, Ohio, where he attended an all-girls school. As a semi-out, queer student in a conservative environment, Whit struggled but found a path by embracing academics and sports as ports in the storm. In the years since graduating from high school, he has received a bachelor’s degree in Technical Theatre from the University of Colorado at Boulder, co-founded and served as Executive Director for a not-for-profit performing arts company, and become a professional chef. He has also coached hundreds of athletes through the United States Field Hockey Association, achieved a national rating as a field hockey umpire, and was selected to play on the U.S. Men’s Master’s Field Hockey Team.

In a perfect circle, he now consults with his alma mater and other schools to help them embrace their gender-non-binary students, and in particular has developed a passion for creating safe space for LGBTQ athletes in the sports of their choice. As a student, leader, athlete, coach and umpire, Whit has embraced opportunities both professional and informal to encourage support of queer students and athletes in many venues. Pursuing a Master of Arts degree in Sport and Performance Psychology allows him to expand his ability to learn and lend strength and wisdom in increasingly powerful and compelling ways. Whit is thrilled to be joining the team at the Gender Identity Center, learning from and giving back to the community which has given him so much.

Melissa Schomer (she, her, hers) is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health from Adams State University. She holds a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Colorado at Denver in Psychology. She has worked in the Addictions Field for the past six years and is certified in the State of Colorado as a CACII.  She is passionate about her work as a counselor and enjoys a challenge. In her free time, she is usually hanging with her family, reading or drinking coffee.


Emma Tarte (she, her, hers) is currently working towards her Master’s in Social Work at University of Denver and pursing the animal-assisted social work certificate. She graduated from University of Central Florida with a Bachelor’s degree in Social Work. Emma has worked with the Public Defender’s Office in Orlando, Florida to provide alternatives to jail time (mental health or substance use treatment) for incarcerated individuals. She also has worked on the psychiatric intake department at Florida Hospital Orlando, connecting patients to mental health and substance use providers in the community. Emma is an advocate for individuals whose voice goes unheard. She provides education and training to the community around the LGBTQIA+ population. In her spare time, Emma enjoys hiking, camping, binge watching shows on Netflix, and interacting with animals.

Lucas Jordan Thacker (He, Him, His) attended the University of Alabama in Huntsville, where he earned a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology. While there he also worked to create the university’s first Gay-Straight Alliance and make the campus a safe place for LGBTQ people. Originally from Alabama, he developed a passion for social justice and advocacy early on and has worked as a tutor for low-income families and in refugee services. He also organizes a queer social meetup group. When he is not working, he also can be found trying craft beers, petting any dog that allows it, and enjoying various types of comic book based entertainment.

John Thornburg (he, him, his) grew up in Longmont, Colorado and currently lives in Denver. He graduated from Coe College in Cedar Rapids, Iowa with a BA in Psychology and Creative Writing. John began his mental health career working with adolescents and youth in residential treatment, and has experience in inpatient mental health and currently works in a hospital setting providing behavioral health support to patients hospitalized on a medical unit. John is pursuing a MA in Clinical Mental Health Counseling on the Multicultural Track at the University of Colorado, Denver. It brings him great joy that he has the opportunity to intern at the Gender Identity Center and serve the community. In his free time, John’s main interests outside of counseling and social justice include running, hiking, reading, writing poetry and fiction, and music.

Jesse Weight (She, Her, Hers) is pursuing a Master’s degree in mental health counseling through the University of Northern Colorado. She received her undergraduate degree from Metropolitan State University of Denver, majoring in Human Services. Jesse has worked in the human services field for four years as a mentor, a drug and alcohol counselor, and currently as a disability advocate and counselor.  Jesse plans to focus her practice on trauma recovery from existential and systems perspectives. She views trauma as an effect of oppression and recovery as a path of defiant resilience. In her free time, Jesse studies Spanish and snuggles with her tiny dog, Mrs. Macdaniels.  


Casey Williams, (he, him, his) is originally from Arlington, Texas, moved to Colorado in 2012 after graduating from New Mexico State University with a BS in Biology. He first began volunteering with the GIC in January of 2017 and was elected to the Board of Directors in July 2017. He will be applying to Masters of Social Work and Masters of Public Health dual degree programs this fall in order to continue serving the LGBT community professionally.




Hannah Wolfson (she, her, hers) is currently pursuing a Master’s of Social Work at the University of Denver. She holds a BA from Hampshire College with a dual focus on human and plant biology, as well as a certificate in Western Herbalism and Nutrition; she is also a licensed massage therapist. Hannah is a passionate clinician and educator, queer-femme activist, and wilderness enthusiast. She is thrilled to work for the GIC, and is especially interested in working with youth and families, at home and within the education system, and encouraging whole-person wellness. Her goal is to assist others in feeling safe and grounded in their bodies and communities.